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wooden railway sleeper flower beds on a bright sunny day

Order sleepers online from Timber Direct Ltd

If you are looking to buy sleepers for a landscaping project, Wrexham based Timber Direct Ltd is the company to call.

Pressure treated softwood sleepers

The perfect way to create a raised bed & give a focal point to your garden. Alternatively, a contemporary & convenient way to grow fruit & veg - improving drainage, soil quality & weed control. Sleepers can also be used to create garden steps, retaining walls, ponds etc. Our sleepers are pressure treated to UC4 to maximise their lifespan & sourced from UK sawmills.

House logs

Pressure treated softwood sleepers & related products

Sleepers available to order

We are able to source reclaimed sleepers if required. Larch & Oak sleepers are also available to order.
Please get in touch & we would be delighted to quote.

Back Garden Patio Home Exteriors

We would always recommend lining your raised bed with a waterproof membrane. This will isolate the timber from the soil & ultimately increase the life expectancy of the timber. Ensure that any corners are created by interlocking the sleepers for added strength if going more than one sleeper high.

Installation Guide

Free delivery on orders over £1200 & within delivery radius

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